Santuario De Chimayo

I decided to renew my faith in August of 2021. I wanted to learn more about my religion. I was raised Catholic, but I have attended a few Christian churches as well. I made a promise to God to never miss Sunday service. I have upheld this promise as I watch the service via the Sagebrush app and Calvary YouTube page even on Sundays I travel. During Lent of this year, 2023, I attended mass daily, going to 7 a.m. mass every weekday and Saturday at 430 p.m. It has been my goal to understand the word of God. I am learning the history of Jewish and Muslim religions, which helps me understand the Bible, why, and when Jesus' mission began. 


I consecrated to St Joseph in 2022, doing a 12-week obligation involving readings and traditions. It was unique, and I believe that all men should do so simply to put life into perspective and understand what it means to be a Christian man. It was an eye-opener and a blessing. 


But my journey to Santuario de Chimayo began in October 2021; I was in a dark place. Angry, frustrated, hurting, and exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. It seemed at the time like my world was falling apart. Going to mass or service made me tear up and feel guilty, and I wanted to ask God to forgive me first, abandoning my faith. 


I met up with the Priest there for confession; he blessed me and gave me my penance. He also suggested I anoint myself with holy water and sacred dirt. It seemed a simple task, but it was a compelling experience. I did feel a surge of emotions and thoughts. I sat with them and reflected. 


This is my third year going to Santuario, but this year, I brought my pup meatball. On September 26, we lost Petey to a burst tumor in his gut. It was a sudden thing. Petey was 16 years old, and he’s been my life that long. He went through all my ups and downs. He was a special soul. I took Meatball so he could be blessed. I anointed him with sacred dirt and holy water, and he got to walk around the grounds. 


He had a blast. He ran through the creek, ate lots of grass, chased wild cats, and saw cows for the first time. His smile was so big; it was a blessing to see him happy. For a brief moment, I think he knew why we were there. Not just to bless him but to say goodbye to Petey. My boys are very in tune with emotions and feelings, so there was a moment when he sat down, and people watched. It almost looked like he was praying as well. 


Renewing my faith has been a journey. It’s not easy. I fall, I fail, I want more. But God provides, and he gives me what I need, not always what I want. It’s something I am still getting used to and having faith in. I have now entered two events in my faith calendar; one is my pledge in August and now in October to visit Chimayo. I pray this message reaches you and you discover what is best for you. With love and compassion, Daniel 


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