They'll Vouch For Us

SyRoc Lifestyle Testimonials


"I have been working with Daniel since 2017. What started out as a my desire to lose weight has developed into a lifestyle.

I have lost 60+ lbs using Daniel’s strength training and nutrition program; neither one is difficult, neither require expensive foods, equipment, or memberships. It is healthy, practical advice, requiring only consistency and compliance. He also assures that is safe. I have told so many people “Just do what he tells you.”

Daniel’s program addresses the entire person- overall health, mental and emotional, education. While your body is becoming healthier, the entire person is becoming healthier.

Daniel is an expert in his field, a professional with many years of experience, who truly cares for his clients and their success. He truly personifies a COACH."

Mary McKee


"Talk about the all around package! When I first met Daniel, I was struggling on my own. Now, he has completely turned me around. He offers the complete setup: training, diet and massage. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer! "

Irene White


"My experience as a new online client for 2020 with Daniel has been a change in my life I knew I needed but did not realize how much I truly needed educated guidance.

It's so easy to grab on to the newest health fad, but receiving genuine, educated coaching even from another state has become a part of my life. When quarantine was abruptly installed upon all of our lives, I relied on my coach more than I knew. To have support and guidance from someone that went out of his way to give his clients hope and focus was the tipping point for my faith in knowing you were in it with me and all of your clients. Reading your social media postings can be the extra knowledge and motivation even when you're feeling defeated or low and hearing your voice during check ins adds the extra discipline to conquer the next day.

I cant thank you and your wife enough for providing the care and ingenuity to your clients and making us feel that we can all be on different paths but have the same healthy goals with your help.

Kim Penick


I have been working with Coach Rocha for about 60 days and I have seen phenomenal results. Coach Rocha gave me a diet plan and exercise program that was easy to follow and was easily incorporated into my hectic daily responsibilities. I saw immediate results; I have lost 27.4 lbs in 63 days. He was also extremely insightful, helpful and supportive whenever I was having trouble meeting my goals. For anyone who is tired of all the diet pills and fad diets……Mr. Rocha is the answer. He is giving me the keys to changing my life and I have never felt more empowered and unstoppable.

Thanks again for everything you have helped me through!!!

April Fedrick


Coach Rocha, Thank you for all you have done for me in the last 6 weeks!!! We haven't even started the build phase of the New me, thank for the reward hard work, dedication, and taking advice and Counsel from others pays Big Dividends in Life!!! Thanks, brother,  for bringing your A-game daily✌️

Scott Ruiz


I have been working out with Daniel off and on for over 12 years. He has helped me reach many goals throughout the years from leaning out to competing in my first bodybuilding show. What can I say, the man knows his stuff. When I get off track I always feel comfortable calling him up and asking for his help. His meal plans are always easy to follow and I've learned to just do what he says. Don't question his judgement. Just do it. It's paid off every time.

Ric Kent