Meditation - The SyRoc Way

Meditation - The SyRoc Way 

By Daniel Rocha LMT CPT CNS 


Meditation is a practice that activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) by distracting one from struggles. Meditating daily is one of the most powerful ways to work with the PSNS. Anger begins with perceiving a threat, working with the mind to alter perceptions, and activating a fight-or-flight response. The feeling of a threat can cause you to overreact to situations, flooding the body with adrenaline. Daily meditation can help an individual by learning to reframe from reacting to every stressful experience, allowing an individual to reflect on what is happening and respond peacefully or walk away. Walking away will always diffuse a situation. 


How to begin a meditation practice


Before you begin: First, meditate daily by putting it in your daily routine.  Please set a time, place, and duration; remember, it does not have to be lengthy. I do 10 minutes with my yoga, but my bloom sessions always have 2-4 minutes of reflection. Most will want you to sit still and allow the body to rest. However, I have found that doing movement like yoga while listening or watching a meditation session allows my body to relax. My muscles are lengthened, and my breathing improves due to light exercise. The sessions after my bloom therapy session are relaxing because I’m usually in bed. So I can close my eyes and reflect without falling asleep. Openness is an essential ingredient in every meditation. Consciously releasing body tension will allow you to handle whatever arises during meditation.


Meditation helps one understand mental habits by allowing one to observe situations from a neutral vantage point. Constant practice of meditation offers a way to manage anger.


When you are first learning to meditate, the mind will wander. This is why I encourage movement while you’re learning. The goal is to gently and repeatedly relaxing your body, thoughts, and emotions. The ability to distinguish between your inner observer and the chaos in your mind means you are learning to respond with a reasonable and rational mindset.


The more one practices meditation, the more it allows one to discriminate between what is real and what is not—between what is life-threatening and a habitual overreaction. Meditation will enable you to see everything that triggers your sympathetic nervous system, and you can begin to make different choices. Remember that no response is a response. Walking away allows you time to think, reflect, and later respond. 


Below is my meditation routine which involves the Silva Method, angel numbers, 3-6-9 manifestation, affirmations, and prayer (catholic prayers) 




3…2…1… Method 

Breath in 7 sec, Hold 7 sec, Breath out 7 sec 


3: Support from my guardian angels 

     Physical relaxation 


2: Alignment with my guardian angels 

     Spiritual relaxation. Imagine tranquil place


1: Intuition - allow yourself to listen to God 


Count down 10 to 1 … 


My increasing mental faculties are for serving humanity better 


I AM and I WILL manifest the perfection of my mind within 


3x : Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better 


6x: O St. Joseph, guardian and protector of Jesus, I give to thee, my true intentions and desires 


9 - I AM … 









I AM A GOOD MAN (woman)


As I place my three fingers together, I can easily achieve the state of mind necessary to achieve all my dreams and goals 


My intention - visualize my thoughts - my private prayer with God 




I AM happy and grateful that I have multiple sources of income 


I AM becoming the man I want to be, and I AM enthusiastically achieving my goals 


I WILL meet in harmony with my positive-minded friends to Master Mind my goals 


I AM a believer in Jesus Christ and through him, I know I AM achieving my goals 


I AM able to love people and radiate warmth and friendship to all 


I WILL serve people at every opportunity even without compensation 


I WILL act and move towards my goals 


I WILL concentrate on my goal 


I AM enthusiastic and powerful 


I AM thankful for the creative visions coming to me that help me resolve my problems 


I WILL learn from my adversity and defeats 


I WILL use my time and money wisely 


I AM always prosperous minded w self confidence. 


I AM able to organize my thoughts into a positive driving force towards my goals 


I AM healthy physically and mentally 


I WILL keep my body healthy 


I WILL cooperate with my team 


I WILL control my thoughts with a positive mindset 










I WILL consider the whole of humanity as I AM a good person with greater understanding, compassion, and patience with others.


If you need help mediating, or wish to learn to meditate, please respond to this email or message me on any social media outlet


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