Working w an Online Coaching - part 3


LET’S COMMUNICATE - Good communication is essential.
Since there are no in-person meetings with an online coach, you
need to be willing to put forth the effort in contact with your fitness
coach. Just like in any relationship, without communication, your
training will not be practical. So check-in and check in often.
Request video call for a better explanation.
HOW DO YOU FEEL? - It is imperative to give your coach
feedback on how your training is going, how you’re feeling, and
any concerns you might have. Without feedback, effective plan
alterations cannot be made. This is extremely important with
health concerns. If you feel sick or get injured, let us know

TIME IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT - Nothing happens overnight,
and you will get out exactly the effort you are willing to put in.
Altering your physique takes consistency & dedication. No matter
what your goal is, understand there are no quick fixes or instant
methods to success, yet doing what works repeatedly.
Please do not hesitate to send me any questions you might have
regarding this article or any of your fitness questions.
Join the #syroclifestyle family and take your body to a whole new
level. Don’t just live ... live well!

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